By Amber Ainsworth A month ago at this time, I was on my way to Norway. I had a long day that included two layovers that would bring me to Boston and Iceland. It was my first time traveling internationally, so I was filled with excitement about the journey but a lot of anxiety as [...]

By Amber Ainsworth While covering a festival in Norway, the security guards came up and talked to the photographers in Norwegian. I realized I was the only one who didn't understand them and was kind of hesitant to speak up and show I didn't know a word, but I did. The other photographers were so [...]

I attended my last music festival in Norway this past week, which was kind of a sad moment. I ended my festival run with Piknik i Parken, a relatively new festival that is hosted at the historic Vigeland Museum. The festival is quite literally a picnic in the park. What set this festival apart from [...]

I have been able to see the band Tall Heights twice since I’ve been in Norway. Tall Heights is a progressive-folk duo from Boston currently touring in support of their debut album “Neptune.” The band is comprised of guitarist Tim Harrington and cellist Paul Wright. Both Harrington and Wright also provide vocals. Tall Heights’ sound [...]

By Amber Ainsworth Earlier this week, I took a train nearly 240 miles north of where I’ve been staying, Oslo, to visit Justin, an artist from the United States I met while covering a festival. Justin and his wife Sarah live in a rural part of central Norway near Røros with 10 racing huskies and [...]

By Amber Ainsworth In Norway, I rode a train, tram and subway all for the first time. During the first week or so here, getting used to relying on public transportation was nerve wracking and has probably been the most “foreign” thing about this trip for me. I come from an area where mass public [...]

Isn't it lovely when you have a vision in your mind of a person and they live up to your expectations? Today was a really wonderful day for me. I got the chance to not only see two of my favorite performers live, but also photograph them and interview them. Aurora and Sondre Lerche are [...]

By Rachel Levy It’s Friday night and the underground metal band Blodspor is nearly ready to take the stage at Revolver, a well-known venue in Oslo’s underground. Revolver is part of Oslo’s famous metal and black metal scene.  It is only a block or two from two similar venues, The Rockefeller and John Dee. Kniven, [...]