I attended my last music festival in Norway this past week, which was kind of a sad moment. I ended my festival run with Piknik i Parken, a relatively new festival that is hosted at the historic Vigeland Museum. The festival is quite literally a picnic in the park. What set this festival apart from [...]

I have been able to see the band Tall Heights twice since I’ve been in Norway. Tall Heights is a progressive-folk duo from Boston currently touring in support of their debut album “Neptune.” The band is comprised of guitarist Tim Harrington and cellist Paul Wright. Both Harrington and Wright also provide vocals. Tall Heights’ sound [...]

Isn't it lovely when you have a vision in your mind of a person and they live up to your expectations? Today was a really wonderful day for me. I got the chance to not only see two of my favorite performers live, but also photograph them and interview them. Aurora and Sondre Lerche are [...]

The time we spent in Bergen was brief and brought up a question for me: how can a place as beautiful and serene as Bergen contribute so much to the development of black metal? I think there is such a strange relationship between the two but Bergen was full of similar dichotomies. The difference between [...]

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I wasn’t tremendously excited to be covering Norwegian Wood in Oslo, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It’s not that I wasn’t looking forward to going, the festival is a staple of Norwegian summer music festival culture and I was very interested in experiencing that. [...]

Another week in and another time I learned that life really is about connections.  We went to Musikkfest on our first day here and from there I found a band that invited us to their concert, and we learned that they started their own record label, which led us to another story. Now I have [...]

We’ve made it half way through the month to our break!  We all spent the last few days before break cramming to get all of our stories in so we could have this time to relax and either become tourists for a few days or go off and explore different places in Scandinavia.  My family [...]