Wearing a floral dress and straw hat, Sky Brown poses after her demo.

By Jenna Herrick With sun-bleached hair flying, nine-year-old Sky Brown soars through the air wearing a floral dress, straw hat and an enormous smile. The barely four-foot-tall skateboarder from Miyazaki, Japan is fearless. "My favorite part of skating is going so fast and flying and feeling like I can do anything," said Sky. "It is [...]

By Rachel Levy It’s Friday night and the underground metal band Blodspor is nearly ready to take the stage at Revolver, a well-known venue in Oslo’s underground. Revolver is part of Oslo’s famous metal and black metal scene.  It is only a block or two from two similar venues, The Rockefeller and John Dee. Kniven, [...]

Over the past several years the drone industry has grown rapidly. The origin of much of this development has rooted itself in North Dakota, as hundreds of businesses flock to the area to begin research and development of unmanned aircrafts and their accompanying technologies. The essential capitol of drone usage and development is the Grand [...]

  Helen Otterson, North Dakota State University, spends her spare time creating sculptures inspired by cell and plant life. Her past experiences and interest in biology have helped her create numerous sculptures which can be seen third floor McCarthy Hall until October 2. Otterson’s father developed cancer when she was a child, and that sparked [...]

On Thursday April 9th to honor V-Day and to kick off Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month the Valley City State University (VCSU) Diversity office presented The Vagina Monologues.   The Vagina Monologues is a scripted play based on author Eve Ensler’s “Vagina Interviews”. The comical and cunning play was casted by women volunteers around [...]

If you place stories in more than one category, say both Showcase and Sports, the story will display in both of these sections on the homepage.  The recommend way of working with this is to place a story in the Showcase category first, and then once other stories have displaced it as a top story, [...]