First-person accounts of U.S. student journalists reporting on music and culture in Oslo, Norway.

By Jenna Herrick There are lots of sights to been seen at Piknik i Parken, otherwise known as PiPfest, in Oslo. Looking around, you'll spot musical performances, an abundance of food trucks, and children carrying large stacks of empty cups. Wait. What? Yes, dozens of four-foot-tall children walking around with stacks of cups almost as tall [...]

The Danish band Mew, one of the Nordic region's most popular rock bands, performed the music from their 2003 album Frengers in its entirety to close out PiPfest. Three members of the original group were on stage, Jonas Bjerre (vocals), Silas Graae (drums) and Johan Wohlert (bass). Photo by Dalton Spangler

By Dalton Spangler The fifth consecutive Piknik i Parken, or PiPfest, was held June 15 to 17 in Oslo, Norway, and once again attracted high-profile acts such as Jason Isbell, Phoenix, Travis, and Mew. Music fans entering Frogner Park for PiPfest were greeted by warm lights and ribbons in shades of green, red and blue [...]

Musical group Kiriyama Family performs in Bergen, Norway at Bergenfest on the Magic Mirrors stage.

By Billy Ray Malone Bergenfest started in 1993 and has come a long way. What began as an Americana music festival has grown into a diverse musical profile with a growing audience every year. The festival sold out of five-day passes this year, so only one-day tickets were available. Genres at the festival today include country, metal, soft-rock, hip-hop, EDM (Electric Dance Music) and [...]